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New standards for
industrial marking
The RED Jet is the universal solution to all
printing problems in production, warehouse & shipping.
Professional & economical.
marking solutions
Anyone who has to print on
products, packaging or transport containers
on a daily basis and in large quantities
needs professional solutions.
Industrial TIJ ink
for all applications
RED Jet's industrial inks
make labelling economical and high quality.
Water & solvent based. Special inks..

RED Jet marking systems for product identification • Industrial labelling devices

Professional labelling, marking, identification with the TIJ inkjet systems from RED Jet

Professional product identification or labelling and marking of all kinds of goods is no longer the preserve of large producers. As even the smallest companies have to comply with legal requirements regarding product information, the availability of industrial marking systems has developed rapidly, performance has greatly improved and prices have been reduced.

RED Jet's industrial printing and labelling solutions continue this trend. Best printing results, reduced consumption costs and, above all, flexible handling. With nearly 30 years of experience, RED Jet offers stationary marking systems for existing existing production lines. We show you here why RED Jet products are also the best solution for your labelling problems.

  • State-of-the-art technology. Simple to use, but robust for industrial use.
  • Highest quality and flexibility - suitable for countless applications.
  • Inexpensive and sustainable (almost maintenance-free).
  • Standardised Hewlett Packard TIJ technology.
Industrial maerking and labelling

Next generation industrial marking systems

RED Jet single, dual and multi-head marking systems

For those who expect more, the RED Jet offers more. Shock-proof, dust-proof and splash-proof, it operates up to 2 production lines simultaneously. With the optional Multi-Connector, up to 5 print heads can be controlled simultaneously. The RED Jet supports TIJ cartridges up to a height of one inch and offers interfaces for intelligent system integration, for example with barcode scanners, scales, light barriers or packaging machines.

The right solution for all tasks

Labelling • Marking • Identification • Coding • Labeling • Printing

In production, in the warehouse, in shipping or in retail, there is always something to label. It's good to know that today there are simple and cost-effective solutions for almost all labelling tasks. Mobile and stationary labelling systems from RED Jet.

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RED Jet TIJ printer RED Jet TIJ printer

Highest performance, flexibly expandable and economical.

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RED Jet TIJ Multihead RED Jet TIJ multihead solutions

Flexible like you and your business - RED Jet grows with you.

RED Jet industrial inks RED Jet TIJ inks

Reliable performance at an economical cost.

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Flexible use

Legal information, customer service or warehouse and logistics assistance

Efficient printing of manufacturer's specifications

Legal requirements or customer service & information - many details have to be printed dynamically in production.

Make storage and shipping more effective

In places where end-to-end digitisation does not yet pay off, clean labelling is the best for smooth processes and higher quality.

End customer information and service

Today, dynamic data such as QR codes facilitate service communication with the customer. This is efficient and economical.

Robust, proven & economical

TIJ technology for almost any material and substrate

Contactless printing makes TIJ technology perfect for fast and continuous marking processes. Special inks (e.g. UV inks, UV-curable inks, food inks,...) allow optimised solutions for practically all applications.

Robust, proven & economical

Almost unlimited application possibilities due to suitable inks:

Paper, cardboard, wood (pallets, boxes, board,...), plastic (sewage pipes, power cables, PET bottles, shrink wrap, plant pots, hard plastic containers, beverage bottles,...), plywood, labels (adhesive labels), fabrics and textiles, cloths, CDs, DVDs, canvas, cotton, glass (bottle labelling), concrete (e.g. sewer pipes, concrete blocks, concrete bollards), metal (rims, cans, canisters, metal plate, barrels, keg labelling, type plate), protective masks (OP masks, FFP2 masks, film (stretch film, plastic bags), sheet metal (copper, aluminium, aluminium plate, steel, aluminium foil,...), leather, rubber (carpet backing, hoses, cables), ceramics (tiles, flower pot), meat packaging (trays, chub packaging, vacuum bag, shrink wrap, bag, bag, banderole, canned food,...) Styrofoam, bricks (bricks, roof tiles,...), insulation materials (coconut, cellulose, perlite, jute,...), plaster, wallpaper, sealants (silicone, acrylic), floor coverings (laminate, tiles, parquet,...), porcelain, synthetic resin, foams (PUR foam, cold foam, composite foam, PE foam) or even organic substrates (plants, melons and other foodstuffs).

For more performance & quality

High quality HP45i/Si ink cartridges, ink and bulk systems from RED Jet - affordable & economical.

  • Industrial quality

    The tough use in industry, production, shipping or retail also demands the highest performance and quality from the inks used. and quality from the inks used. A wide range of water-based and solvent-based inks offers an optimised solution offers an optimised solution for almost all applications, which are of course also perfectly matched to the printers in the RED Jet printers. For the "big ink hunger" RED Jet also offers bulk systems with external ink tanks.

    RED Jet's TIJ inks are suitable for these surfaces, among others: Paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, plywood, labels, fabrics and textiles, cloths, CDs, DVDs, canvas, cotton, Glass, concrete, metal, protective masks, foil, sheet metal, leather, rubber, ceramics, meat packaging, polystyrene, bricks, insulating materials, plaster, wallpaper, sealants, floor coverings, porcelain, synthetic resin, foams,...

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Compact solutions for many tasks

Labelling, marking, labelling, etiquette,...

...industrial printing tasks have countless names. There is ONE solution from RED Jet.

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